The CM Quiz Plugin Quiz

CM Quiz is a WordPress plugin for creating short quizzes that provide immediate feedback to the quiz taker (respondent). The next couple of paragraphs describe the details or you can skip to the quiz below and learn through experience.  

CM Quiz currently supports three types of questions: True/False, Short Answer and Multiple Choice.  An arbitrary number of questions can be added to each quiz and multiple choice questions can have an arbitrary number of choices.  The correct answer appears immediately after a question is answered.  When the answer exactly matches the correct answer Correct!! appears on the page.  That works well for true/false and multiple choice questions but not so well for short answer questions. Answers to those questions are only judged to be correct if they exactly match the correct answer (capitalization and spaces do not count).  For example if the correct answer was “Word Press” both “word press” and “WordPress” would match but “Word-press” would not.  An optional short feedback message can also be attached to each question and to each choice on multiple choice questions.  The feedback messages appear at the same time as the correct answer.

This plugin uses a custom Word Press post type named “cm-quiz”, data for questions are stored in custom data tables which are created when the plug is activated.  These quizzes are just for the quiz takers benefit, no responses are recorded or saved.  A compact version of the WordPress/TinyMCE editor is used to edit the questions but for now answers and feedback are plain text.  This is first beta version of this plug so I would greatly appreciate any feedback and bug reports.  I hope you find it useful! 

Charles Manning

A Sample Quiz

What types of questions are supported by this WordPress plugin?
A) Short Answer
B) Multiple Choice
C) Epistemological
Epistemological questions can be asked but only some types of answers are allowed.
D) True or False
F) All of the above
Short answer, mutiple choice and true/false are all formal types, whether the subject is epistmology or something else is all up to you.
The answer is: F
Feedback to CM Quiz questions is immediate?
Did you see what just happened?
The answer is: True
Responses to CM Quizzes are saved?
Data are not sent to the server and no responses are saved.
The answer is: False
Choose the best answer from the choices below to fill in the blank.
This plugin is least able to judge the correctness of answers to __________ questions.
A) True or False
B) Short Answer
C) Multiple Choice
The answer is: B
How much is two plus 7?

Nine is also correct but it's hard to make web browser understand that.
The answer is: 9
Answer choices for multiple choice questions are arranged by the:
*) Don't choose this, choose something else.
1) First letter of the first word in the answer.
2) Order in which they were received.
C) Letter or number to the left of each possible answer.
Choices can also be identified by other characters but only by 1 character.
The answer is: C
What does WYSIWYG stand for?

The answer is: What You See Is What You Get
Which of the follow is true of the question editor for this PLugIn?
A) There is a WYSIWYG editor for the questions but not the answers.
B) Questions and answers can be edited using a WYSIWYG
C) Answers and questions can only appear in plain text.
D) Both B and C
The answer is: A
Questions must always appear in the same order for all respondents?
You can choose to have them appear in random order.
The answer is: False
By what name is Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso more commonly known?

Just Picasso would also be correct
The answer is: Pablo Picasso

The answer is: Yum

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