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Email Regular Expression

By | 31 August 2013

The page at has a useful regex for email address and an interesting explanation of email addresses and regular expressions.

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My Father Was

By | 27 July 2012

My father was an honest, patient, kind, good humored and very hard working man. Most of my father’s life revolved around the orchard, our home and his faith. He had a strong green thumb and his labor on the farm was a labor of love. Work on the farm wasn’t always loved by his kids, […]

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By | 29 April 2012

What is the difference between a URL and a URL?  Let’s start by expanding the the abbreviations and throwing in URN URI – Universal Resource Identifier URL – Universal Resource Location URN – Universal Resource Name In syllogymistic terms URI is the category and URL and URN are subcategories.  So all URLs are URIs but not all […]

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CSS Rounded Corners

By | 27 April 2012

How to make rounded borders using CSS from

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