The CM in CM web development is for me, Charles Manning and it stands for custom made. I have been making custom web sites and applications for over 10 years. I have worked on a wide variety of projects such as content management systems, shopping carts, online payments gateways and document management systems.

I specialize in creating data driven web pages and Internet based application that fit specific needs. That might mean finding, installing and configuring off the self software or creating it from scratch. I am familiar with a number of software applications, protocols and standards but the skill I use the most is the ability to learn and adapt. When faced with a new challenge I think it is important to consider a variety of solutions. That does not always mean applying the latest technology to the problem, often an experienced and tested technology is a cheaper and more reliable bet. However change is not only inexorable it is the most prominent feature of technology so my ability to learn is the skill I value most.

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